Principle Activities

Alliance Contract Manufacturing (ACM) provides low-cost manufacturing of precision electromechanical and machined components with downstream integration into subassemblies, intermediate modules or final products for the global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Providers or Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Our services include design of machined components & tooling, manufacturing,  procurement of assembly components, process engineering, assembly & testing, logistics management & distribution. As an example, we design and manufacture Brushless DC motor to customer specification and integrate them into base-plate or support frame with other mechanical translation components or motion system.

Our principal activities are in precision CNC turning, machining, electromechanical assembly and contract manufacturing. We undertake to develop and fabricate the complete process, tooling and equipment for making precision engineering components, electromechanical assemblies and modules.


We pride ourselves as a contract manufacturer with infrastructure and resources supporting supplier chain management, assembly process development, tooling & equipment fabrication, and e-fulfillment through our JIT Hub.

Our engineering team will involve in your product development phase to provide design inputs for automation and manufacturing.

We will also provide value engineering input with alternative materials and process for cost down opportunities.

Customerised Assembly Line

Assembly Floor

DI Aqueous Cleaning Line & Cleanroom Oven