ACM Mechatronic Changshu Co Ltd

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Established in 2007, ACM Mechatronics (ChangShu) co Ltd. has competencies in high Precision machining , sheet metal fabrication, robotic welding as well as mechatronics assembly for our Customers in the medical, digital printing, industrial automation and semiconductor.

Precision Machining

  • High mix, Low volume
  • CNC Precision Milling vertical – up to 5 axis
  • CNC Precision Milling horizontal
  • CNC Precision Turning
  • Investment, Sand, Gravity, Die Casting and Machining
  • Extrusion, Forging, Stamping

Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Laser Cut, Bending
  • Robotic Welding

Assembly, Mechatronics, Equipment Build

  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Mechatronics assembly
  • Equipment Build
  • Supply chain management

Electric Motor and Controller for Electric Vehicles

Machining Centers

2M Horizontal Machine Center
2M Horizontal Machine Center
3M Vertical Machining Center
3Mx3Mx1.6M 5-axis Precision MC

Large Format 5-Axis Precision Machining Center

Robotic Welded Cart Assembly

Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

Robotic Welding cell
Electric Break-Press

OEM Products & Contract Manufacturing Services

Robotic Welded Cart Assembly
Semi-con Vacuum Chamber
Large Casting 5-Axis Machining - Medical
Large Casting 5-Axis Machining - Medical

Large Format CMM

Precision CMM 4M x 2.5M x 1.5M (ACM Suzhou)