Precision Machining & Turning

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Our machining division provides extensive solutions from prototype machining to high volume um-manned production.  5- Axis High Speed Gantry Machining Centre, featured with extraordinary geometrical accuracy and dynamic properties, capable to handle job size up to 3×6-meter at accuracy of microns (µm) level. Its powerful milling head provides excellent condition for machining all materials such as tool steel, cast iron, invar, Inconel, aluminum and composites.

Our experienced and dedicated design and development team are proud to work with many of the world’s most innovated 500 fortune companies; turning their concept into reality


  • 20+ types machining centers cater for diversified requirement
  • High mix, low volume production capabilities
  • High volume production
  • (3-, 4) and 5-axis, horizontal machining centers, angle-head, universal head
  • Precision temperature and volumetric compensation
  • Small part precision milling & turning 5 ~10 microns
  • Big part precision milling & turning (>2m length) 10-20 microns
  • Frame structure machining, vacuum chamber

Precision Milling Centre

Our CNC Milling Center is equipped with various type of machine for high productivity & high precision application:

  • Special multi-purpose machine (SPMs) are developed for certain operation in high volume production as a cost down initiative.
  • Flexible manufacturing with robotic pick and place for parts handling and transfer to produce multiple parts
  • Horizontal Machine, 3-, 4- & 5-axis, 5 face machines.
  • Large format Precision  Machining >2M x 2M x 1.5M
  • 20u parallelism, straightness over 2M (L) x 2M W

Precision Turning Centre

Our CNC Turning Centre is equipped with the state-of –art machine capable of :

  • Ultra precision machining (temperature control)
  • Optical profile machining
  • Diamond Turning (mirror finishing)
  • Turn-Mill with Y-Function, Sub-spindle
  • TIR 10 micron Diamond Turn finishing , Hard Anodized +/- 1u runout

Big Part Machining

Big Part Milling
Big Part Milling
Big Part Turning
Big Part Turning

Large Format Machining Centre