Capabilities & Competencies

Capabilities & Competencies 2017-10-27T14:29:55+08:00

We undertake to develop the complete process, tooling and equipment for making precision engineering components, electromechanical assemblies, mechatronics and equipment build. Where necessary, we design check-out fixture and parametric tester. Our strength lies on our knowledge in foundry and near or neat-shape fabrication, precision milling, turning, secondary operations, surface finishing, sheet metal fabrication, bending, robotic welding, wet and powdered painting.

We work closely with suppliers in casting, extrusion, forging, stamping, compression & injection molding and provide value engineering in materials selections and manufacturing technologies.

We provide contract design manufacturing (CDM) for sheet metal frame/welded structure, precision motor, electric motor and controller for electric vehicles.

  • Precision Machining & Turning
  • Sheet Metal, Robotic Welding, Frame Design
  • Wet Paint, Powder Coat
  • Automation, Flexible Manufacturing Cell
  • Electro-mechanical Assemblies, Precision Alignment
  • Mechatronics, Equipment Build
  • Check-out Fixture, Parametric Testing
  • Metrology & Laboratory
  • ERP